We're redefining wealth management because you're redefining wealth.

About Us

We are a global leader that innovates banking solutions.  Gold Bastion is the junction for emerging technology, wealth management, financial responsibility, trust and stakeholder value.

We are committed to the success of our clients and believe that this is demonstrated by our long term relationships and the success that we have enabled for each client.

In a time when many have chosen to ignore the values that build communities and accelerate financial success, we have chosen to embrace those values.  We are an organization founded by honorable individuals and so, our foundation is honor and a passion for doing the right thing. Specifically our guiding values include the very highest integrity, inclusion, comprehensive responsibility, trustworthiness, accountability, fairness and the use of dispassion intelligence and experience in making financial decisions.

Our clients have the benefit of relaying on an organization with over $60B in assets and the financial success of global leaders.

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