Our Privacy Policy

Gold Bastion Bancorp and Capital Trust values your privacy and recognizes the sensitivity of your business and personal information and complies with all federal and state laws that protect your information.  Any and all information we collect from clients will simply not be shared with any third parties.  We utilize some of the latest technologies to protect your data.  You can lern more by contacting our staff.

In order to log on to our web site, each user must key in a User ID and a Password.  It is recommended that you do not use as your password any identifiable information such as a birth date, your Social Security Number, any names or other personal data that would be easy for someone else to guess.  No Gold Bastion Bancorp employee will ever ask you for your password, as our IT staff only stores a one-way encrpted hash of this information.  Our IT staff cannot read your password.  In addition, you will be sent a hardware device that acts as a second factor authentication device.  We cannot read this device either - if you lose it, we will make arrangements to supply a new one, then coordinate with you to change your account over - in the meantime, no-one will be accessing your account.

All information gathered on this website is stored within secure databases protected by multiple firewalls.  Some data is encrypted, some data is hashed.  As effective as current encryption technology is, no security system is impenetrable.  We cannot guarantee the security of our databases, nor can we guarantee that information we gather will not be intercepted while being transmitted to us over the Internet.  But we do our very best to use the latest technologies to mitigate the risk for both ourselves and our clients.