Investing in the Gold Bastion Fund

If you would like to invest in the fund, please contact us at, or you can fill out the form below to get started.
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Your SSN is not required at this time.  However, it will be needed before withdrawals of capital gains can be made.  If you choose to enter your SSN now, it will be hashed in our database and used as a secondary authentication method.  Hashing, as opposed to encrypting, means that not even our IT guys can read your SSN; we can only verify if it is the same value that you have entered prior.  Please note that we will need physical verification of your SSN (a physical photocopy via postal mail) before capital gains withdrawals can be made to verify your identity.  At that point and time, the SSN hash will need to match the photo copy you send in.  We take security very seriously and recommend that you further secure your account with a Yubikey to prevent unauthorized logins to your account.  Depending on your account type, a Yubikey may be included.  But we will not be storing PII on-line, in "the cloud," or directly in our database; neither in clear text, nor encrypted.